We Know Hospitality

Whether you’re looking to develop your restaurant, fill it with high-quality furnishings or recruit the very best people in the service industry, get comfortable and let’s get down to business.

Leap Development

Ready to get your restaurant idea up and hopping? Confide in the entrepreneurs, consultants and advisors who know the business inside and out.

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Leap Contract

Ensure your customers are always as comfortable as they are satisfied with furniture specially made for your restaurant, bar or hotel.

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Leap Recruit

Find people who will lovingly craft an impeccable dining experience for your customers and a bright future for your business.

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Leap Freight

Solve your transportation problems with our wide range of transportation logistics alternatives to meet your needs.

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What We Do

Concept Development, Contract Furniture and Hospitality Recruitment is what we do best. Leap Hospitality specializes in new-restaurant and bar-concept development. We build brands and experiences that exceed customer expectations. We work through the front-of-the-house d├ęcor package and manufacture or source custom-built restaurant furniture that will meet each concept's budget through our extensive value-engineering process without sacrificing design intent. Leap Hospitality also works with regional and national chains, hotels, casinos, restaurant suppliers, food equipment manufacturers, and restaurant distributors to recruit the best talent to drive growth and value.

People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they're doing